Design + Story = User Experience

Creating end-to-end experiences for web and mobile, from scratch. User research ➝ sketching ➝ wireframing ➝ prototyping ➝ user testing ➝ MVP ➝ UX/UI ➝ polish ➝ branding = fully vetted & comprehensive product and brand experiences

As Head of Design and player-coach, I lead a team of designers, animators and copywriters to create a hotel room trading web app, the first ever tokenization experience for events and travel.
Head of Design, Web App, Design System
Brightly Community App + Shop
Brightly is a community of eco-minded individuals looking to become more sustainable in their living practices. In 2021 I re-designed the entire community iOS app in partnership with Brightly's CEO as well as Brightly's Shopify storefront with a fully custom interface.
Design Director, Shopify, iOS App, Creative Direction
Automated Itineraries
Automated trip planning: research, save, create, and collaborate on itineraries, all in one place. A scalable research and consolidation web app powered by NLP & ML to make aggregation, organization and collaboration easy.
Founder, Product Owner, Mobile & Web App
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Brightly Packaging Design & Photography
Packaging Design, Product Photography, Creative Direction and Copywriting created as part of a Creative Director role at I designed these exclusive Brightly products to be warm, playful, inviting, and grounded in an earth-first mentality.
Packaging Design + Product Photography
Thrive Global
Thrive is a behavior change coach in your pocket that will help you manage stress, improve focus, strengthen connections with others, and improve overall well-being.
Mobile App Design, User Experience, Design System
Rhiannon Lewis
Creative photography for a UK based luxury jewelry brand in collaboration with UK agency
Fashion, Advertising, Photography
In 2020 I owned an educational print shop bringing beauty to data: Artful Information™ | Handy Prints for Handy Folk
Photography, Web Design, Art Direction
I helped Fabl build an immersive story telling platform, designed a WYSIWYG interface catering to creators of all types and skill levels while providing supportive data analytics to fuel the crafting of successful stories.
Head of Design + Product Lead + Creative Direction
I created the design system and user experience across brand + product. Partnered with the engineering team to support all platforms. Defined the brand aesthetic, voice and strategy while creating fresh marketing campaigns in a saturated market. Helped redefined how people plan trips and experiences by building a product that allows for seamlessly collaboration, sharing, and discovering great spots for outings, whether large or small—a tool that allows us to explore the world together and all in one place.
Head of Design + Product Owner + Creative Direction
Chance & Hulu
In collaboration with Fabl and Salon, I created an interactive landing page to promote the upcoming Hulu Original, Chance. We explored the various psychological characteristics of psychosis, visually throughout the brain, overlaid onto a map of San Francisco—all of which correlates to events in the show itself.
Creative Direction, Design
I created the branding and web experience for Aerial.Live, a company, who originated as Airphrame, that provides aerial documentation of properties for industrial and real estate purposes.
UI/UX, Web Design, Art Direction
I created the website and product for Groove, a company involved in a combination of candidate and enterprise-facing talent management solutions and recruiting platforms for the human capital cloud + I worked closely with the founder to create several end products (to come), as well as the creative experience and language of the brand, being mindful of the best tactics to represent and distinguish Groove in a highly competitive and saturated market.
UI/UX, Web Design, Art Direction
We crafted a user experience overhaul of the web & mobile digitization platform—a system whereby photos and sketches are converted into 3D models. We provided an e-commerce solution for a small-scale 3D-printing manufacturing solution.
Head of Product + Creative Director
Daylight brings the world’s leading contemporary artists to you. Their immersive, short-form features provide insider access to today’s most important artwork, contextualized with essays and insights by compelling writers. We crafted their visual identity, website and iPad app.
Art Direction, Creative Direction, UI/UX
Spearheaded the creative direction and product design: everything from identity, experience, to future tech products of Peep, a localized shopping platform created for onsite perfect-fit shopping experiences.
Art Direction, Branding, UI/UX
In collaboration with a Hook & Loop designer, I spearheaded the creative identity and print collateral of a new e-commerce platform: Rhythm. I designed and worked closely with a developer to deploy a seamless web experience the showcased the full potential of the product offering. “Rhythm includes best-in-class software for storefronts, product configuration, recommendations, up sell and cross sell, pre-packaged order management, natural language search, content management, layout, and predictive analytics – all available in the cloud for a monthly subscription and rendered in beautiful design.”
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design
Infor: The Dream
A re-imagined enterprise experience for, come to known as The Dream.
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
Work Is Beautiful
I created the concept, wrote, art directed, and designed a campaign for Infor based on the concept that all work, every minute detail of it, is beautiful. “Work is beautiful” celebrates the fact that work, unto itself, is brilliant and meaningful. Menial tasks, arduous challenges, pride, perseverance, and passion add up to much more than just a job. Factory workers give life to new innovations. Road repair crews make our cities safer. Nurses bring comfort and care to their patients.
Art Direction, Branding, Web Design
Public Sector
Citizen portal solutions created for various cities. Worked directly with city representative to craft interfaces that would easily allow users to pay bills, check on construction/inspection/billing statuses, interact with city officials, file complaints, etc. - all in one location in a device agnostic portal.
Product Design, Web & Mobile App
Victoria Secret Pink
At Victoria Secret I crafted the look and feel of the brand PINK via cross-platform marketing campaigns: from interactive micro sites, app and social based online events to email blasts and instagram filters.
Advertising, Art Direction, Web Design
Luxury catalogs
I have worked with a handful of luxury timepiece companies, creating both print and online interactive catalogs that show case not only their products, but their brand as a whole and the stories of their collections.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Print Design
Creative Direction + Web Design + Code
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