We crafted a user experience overhaul of the web & mobile digitization platform—a system whereby photos and sketches are converted into 3D models. We provided an e-commerce solution for a small-scale 3D-printing manufacturing solution and applied their brand aesthetic in web architecture, UI elements, and marketing copy.

Matter came on the scene fresh from a NYC Incubater (Techstars) with a vision to make small-batch manufacturing a breeze for the end-user.

Marketing Copy Writing
Responsive Website
UX + UI + Architecture
Mobile and iPad Apps for iOS
At the time not many companies were creating software-like web-apps where users could craft, customize, and ultimately ship physical objects.

But we did just that in a matter of months.
THE Solution
A digitization platform that converts photos (or sketches) into 3D CAD Models with final finish previews.

A service that casts and plates those 3D Models with luxury metals (like Rose Gold in fancy finishes—dependent on the user’s preference).
An end-to-end product that ships (and eventually drop-ships) those products directly to users.
A warm and welcoming brand that supports small-businesses, with integrated chat and hands-on customer service.
Responsive Homepage & Landing Pages — Branded Digitization Platform — Content Strategy — UX + UI + Architecture — Brand Voice
Matter was acquired
by Junction 3D

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