A new way to tell compelling stories. And the analytics to prove it.

"Rich, deeply immersive images and videos combined with captivating copy and headlines drive engagement and connectivity with consumers. Fabl helps to drive emotional connections to passions with intuitive, elegant solutions for creators of all types and skill levels."

Over the years, I've been helping craft the user experience and art direction of Fabl, a new visual storytelling platform (SaaS) that drives content and social marketing campaigns, making it easy to create and publish compelling content and engage with customers authentically. Fabl synchronizes analytics on the back end, allowing adjustments throughout a campaign for maximum reach and impact. 

I dedicated my time to surfacing these analytics in new visually compelling ways, as well as providing for a streamlined way to build stories and full landing pages / websites via an easy to build, wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) page builder with customizable animations, pre-designed templates fully white-labled, to allow brands to express themselves—allowing the user to design without a designer, and code without a coder—while ensuring a seamless brand aesthetic.
Working with Fabl
I've worked with the Fabl team for nearly 6 years as they've launched their first start-up, pivoted, and eventually mastered the space of B2B storytelling. I work as a consultant, collaboration with a fairly distributed team, providing my 2 cents when needed (mainly focusing on UX, Architecture and Brand aesthetics) and designing the majority of the platforms functionality as well as some of the marketing collateral. I work directly with the CEO and the engineering team to build the best possible branded cross-platform and cross-device  experience. 

When I'm not working directly on Fabl brands and products, I occasionally step in and help build web experiences for their clients, some of which include GE, Salon, and VentureBeat. 
The Product
The Analytics 
The brand

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