Infor: The Dream

A re-imagined enterprise experience for, come to known as The Dream.

While working at Hook & Loop...
Infor's internal creative agency,  I spearheaded the redesign and re-architecture of I collaborated with the Creative Director to develop a story telling aesthetic to further distinguish Infor as a brand from it's lead competitors (namely, Oracle): essentially focusing on humanizing what was once thought to be a rather dry Enterprise Software space from the design perspective.

Form a user experience and architecture perspective, I introduced knowledge-graph based search results that allowed the user to find exactly what they were looking for; the ability to form a personal library to consolidate saved user-interests and data; interactive spaces with collapsable and expandable functionality that chicly housed all of the important information without looking overwhelming; and much more. I pitched directly to Charles Phillips, the CEO, and our team worked to implement this new perspective on the brand as a whole. Please visit the current to get a sense of all of these elements in play.

Infor: a multi-national, billion dollar company, privately held United States-based enterprise software company. Headquartered in New York City, Infor focuses on business applications for organizations and delivered via cloud computing as a service. Originally focused on software ranging from financial systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) to supply chain and customer relationship management, in 2010 Infor began to focus on software for industry niches, as well as user-friendly software design. —Wikipedia

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