A full rebrand, user research, and mobile + web app architecture and design for a recruitment platform catering to both potential job candidates as well as in-house recruiters.

The Product
An interactive app that caters new opportunities to job-seekers who may not be quite ready to make a career move, providing for phone interviews, pre-matching, and employee references so folks can make career moves without any public maneuvers. Apply to a curated selection of jobs that fit your skillsets. Schedule calls easily with recruiters at a time that suits you best, and keep up on the pulse of the industries you are most interested in so you can be ready to jump when the time is right.

And for recruiters...
a discreet way to connect with talented people before they start actively looking for a new job.
+ Automated phone-scheduling
+ Pre-screening
+ Interactive quizes to promote engagement
Branding and Brand Content + Marketing Strategy and Copy + Responsive Website + UX + UI + Architecture 
+ Mobile and iPad Apps for iOS

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