User experience or Human Experience?

It doesn't just begin with a tap—it begins everywhere: in the moment a person learns about your product from a friend or catches a glimpse of your brand while on the way to work. Make it count.

Design Director
I help start-ups and small business launch their first mvps, products and brand experiences: from scratch. Pre-concept, pre-research, pre-wireframe, pre-seed → all the way to established and fully funded. Currently building

+ Head of Product
Helping define and craft holistic product vision while executing or managing teams that creates human centric and accessible product design. Often work directly with CEOs to define product strategies while corresponding between stakeholders and engineering teams to establish product roadmaps and launch user-tested scalable web and mobile apps. Prioritizes and defining features lists and crafting exciting & engaging closed loops.
+ Head of Design
Creating and implementing new aesthetics and brand expression across products and marketing collateral, spanning any flavor of user-reach: be it social media campaigns to logos and color stories to in product copy writing that successfully accentuates a brands voice. Experimenting with new modalities to separate brands from competition, while always keeping a user-always-wins mindset.
+ A Strategist
I believe deeply that elegant rule breaking sets an experience apart. In today's saturated market, where users are perpetually inundated with noise—nearly nothing stands out. My background in physics helps me set the boundaries, and my background in art helps me trespass them in exciting and fun ways. Not only for product strategy, but business strategy as well—you'll often hear me saying there is no reason to play by the rules. With a hefty backlog of SaaS and B2B experience: I'm familiar with respecting traditions while bending perspectives.
+ A Team Player
My history with start-ups means I'm fully exercised in flexible methodologies with often times remote and globally distributed teams. Within the world of managing freelancers, team-members and even outside agencies: I understand the need of coalescing varying opinions, helping stakeholders see eye-to-eye, and dissolving unforeseen tension or disagreements. Having lead design teams, while working integratively with engineers, has allowed me to encourage great work while translating and handing off complex designs and visions in consumable engineer-friendly packages.
+ Pixel Pusher
I still revel in the grit of it and love getting my hands dirty—I'll always love sketching, wire-framing, playing with UI, animations, fun color combinations, even dabbling in photography. I use Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, After Effects, and even brave Illustrator at times, while preferring quick prototyping tools like Invision, Marvel, and Framer. There's nothing that brings me more joy than working with folks to bring their ideas to life. 
+ Nerd / Explorer
I've been making things on the internet since Angelfire & Geocities were a thing. I'm a nerd, an absurdist at times, and possibly too sarcastic, but I love cracking jokes and making folks smile. My key phrase: we're all human. I want to make things that build upon that fact. And I want to make via various mediums & outlets...conceptually, physically, and playfully with a deep respect for all of our co-existences on this planet.
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